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SharePoint 2010 certifications passed

Posted by Christian Dam on August 1, 2010

Happy days – I passed both the SharePoint 2010 beta exams I attempted ūüôā


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SharePoint 2010 exams available July 12

Posted by Christian Dam on June 17, 2010

Microsoft Learning has announced that the new SharePoint 2010 exams will be available in July. The exams are:

I was so fortunate to be part of the 70-667 and 70-668 beta exams and although I cannot reveal any details, I really liked what I saw. The exams are much more targeted towards real job scenarios and are not trying to cover too much ground, which I think is a major problem with the MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 exams.

Remember, I can provide 2nd shot vouchers for free. Drop me a mail or leave a comment if you want one ūüôā

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SharePoint 2010 RTM and Office 2010 RTM now available on MSDN and TechNet

Posted by Christian Dam on April 23, 2010

… in case you missed it ūüėČ

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SharePoint 2010 reaches RTM!

Posted by Christian Dam on April 17, 2010

The product group has announced that SharePoint 2010 has reached RTM. Exiting times indeed! It is not available on TechNet yet, though.

I have been working with SharePoint 2010 since CTP and even though the product appears more and more stable from CPT¬†to Beta¬†to RC some functionality is still not as integrated as hoped (Managed Metadata and standard Search being some of the areas) I look very much forward to see what has changed in the RTM bits ūüôā

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SharePoint eMagazine launched

Posted by Christian Dam on January 20, 2010

Grab your copy here:

The first edition is all about SharePoint 2010 and contains the following articles:

  • SharePoint 2010 Enterprise ‚Äď Sjoerd van Lochem
  • Customizing the SharePoint Ribbon – Marianne van Wanrooij
  • Visual Studio Extensions – Niels Loup
  • Working with data in SharePoint Designer 2010- Laura Rogers
  • Sandboxed Solutions ‚Äď Mirjam van Olst
  • New ECM features in SharePoint 2010 – Robert van Son
  • Creating new visual experiences with Visio Services – Toni Frankola
  • A SharePoint User eXperience – Sandra de Ridder
  • Introduction to the Business Connectivity Services ‚Äď Nick Swan
  • SharePoint 2010 Client Object Models ‚Äď Ton Stegeman
  • Understanding Identity in SharePoint 2010 – Michiel van Otegem
  • Happy Together in 2010! – Dux Raymond
  • SharePoint 2010 Chart Web Part – Agnes Molnar
  • Enrich your SharePoint 2010 portal by integrating SAP applications – ¬†¬†¬†¬†Cyrille Visser , Johan Kroese and Huub Montanus
  • SharePointComic – Dan Lewis

It looks very promising and it should be interesting to follow the magazines to come!

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Cannot publish pages in SharePoint 2010

Posted by Christian Dam on January 15, 2010

If you have created your SharePoint 2010 farm manually without running the farm Configuration Wizard, you might encounter this error when you try to publish a page or stating a workflow:

“The form cannot be rendered. This may be¬†due to a misconfiguration of the Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service. For more information, contact your server administrator.”

The problem is stat the State service is not configured since the Farm Configuration Wizard has not been run. Configure it with PowerShell using these instructions from Technet:

  1. On the Taskbar, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Windows PowerShell Modules.
  2. In Windows¬†PowerShell, create a service application by typing $serviceApp¬†= New-SPStateServiceApplication¬†-Name “State Service”
  3. Create a State Service database and associate it with a service application, by typing New-SPStateServiceDatabase¬†-Name¬†“StateServiceDatabase” -ServiceApplication¬†$serviceApp.
  4. Create a State Service Application Proxy and associate it with the service application by typing New-SPStateServiceApplicationProxy¬†-Name¬†“State Service” -ServiceApplication¬†$serviceApp¬†-DefaultProxyGroup.

Once these instructions are run, you have a shiny new State Service Service Application and you should be able to publish pages again. Remember to verify that your web Application is associated with the State Service Service Application.


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SharePoint 2010 Installation instructions and a warning

Posted by Christian Dam on November 16, 2009

Jie Li posted some good installation instructions here that describe how to get the new bits installed. Note the warning saying that this version is not supported and that you cannot upgrade to RTM from this version.

At this point it is not clear to me what this exactly means. During the CTP phase the question about a supported upgrade path was discussed, but as far as I remember (I haven’t checked for a new status in a while) the intention/hope¬†was that it would be the same as was the case for MOSS: that content database migration would be supported from Beta 2 and forward. Now, I have my doubts but I am sure we will get more enlightened in the coming days.


According to Jie Li’s comments upgrading from this beta to RTM is indeed not supported, not even a content database migration. Bad news, indeed!

From the comments:
If you are exporting/importing content that means you are “migrating”. It would be fine. However attach a beta content database to RTM will not work.

There’s no public RC plan that I’m aware of.

In past experience with 2007 beta – rtm upgrade, a lot of issues were caused by the beta content. there’s garbage remaining even after SP2. It is still a good time to trial your code and deployment, just don’t use beta in production envoriment.

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Office 2010 client and server bits available on TechNet!

Posted by Christian Dam on November 16, 2009

This is it, guys! The bits are available on TechNet:

  • Office SharePoint Foundation Server 2010 Beta (formerly WSS)
  • Office SharePoint Server 2010 Beta
  • Office Business Contant Manager 2010 Beta
  • FAST Search Server SharePoint 2010 Beta
  • Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta
  • Office Project Server 2010 Beta
  • Office Project Professional 2010 Beta
  • Office Search Server Express 2010
  • Office SharePoint Designer 2010 Beta
  • Office Web Applications 2010 Beta
  • Office Visio Premium 2010 Beta

I can’t wait to see what improvements that are implemented compared to Beta 1/CTP!

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SharePoint 2010 NDA lifted!

Posted by Christian Dam on October 27, 2009

Let the bragging blogging begin ūüôā

I have had access to the SharePoint 2010 Beta 1 bits since July through our partner agreement at work. I will not start listing all the new things that are coming. Joel has a great summary that you might want to check out. However, I must admit I am impressed with the overall quality of the product, and even though a lot of stuff still doesn’t work, what does work is fan-%”¬§%(%”-tastic!

ProActive is already implementing our first SharePoint 2010 solution. We are planning to go live 2-3 weeks after Beta 2 is available depending on the changes. Our solution is a Intranet/Document Management system and I will share our findings in the coming days, more specifically

  • the term store and¬†shared metadata and content types
  • unique document IDs
  • document sets
  • etc

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SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek videos

Posted by Christian Dam on July 16, 2009

Three sneak peak videos are available at Some very cool new features are included in the SharePoint 2010 and some of them are being show cased now ūüôā

According to the IT-Pro video a public beta will be available later this year and SharePoint 2010 is expected to RTM 1st half of 2010.

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