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Certification vouchers

Posted by Christian Dam on April 23, 2010

I was offered a spot in the Microsoft Learning Rewards program which means that I can now request certification vouchers for everyone

You can now request Second Shot vouchers for your students. Using Second Shot vouchers, each with a unique code number, your students can get a free retake when they fail the first attempt at a Microsoft Certification exam.  This will help reduce their concern and fear of not passing the

The Second Shot vouchers through Learning Rewards program apply to all Microsoft IT Professional and developer certification exams and all Microsoft Dynamics exams (all 070 exams).  Academic exams (072 and 073 exams) are not available through Learning Rewards.

Students may redeem the vouchers at a Prometric Testing Center in person, by telephone, or online at

Each voucher is valid for one exam retake (if the first attempt failed) and one Practice Test discounted 40% before June 30, 2010.

My personal benefit is that I collect points that can be used for free certification exams, but the point required are so many that it is unlikely to ever pay out.

Anyway – drop me a mail if you’d like a voucher.


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  1. MCSD said

    Good Christian, keep it up.
    Sharepoint Certification

  2. Hellow – Very informative blog. I’d like a voucher. I am thinking of sitting for the certification. What do you think?Thoughts?

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