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SharePoint 2010 Installation instructions and a warning

Posted by Christian Dam on November 16, 2009

Jie Li posted some good installation instructions here that describe how to get the new bits installed. Note the warning saying that this version is not supported and that you cannot upgrade to RTM from this version.

At this point it is not clear to me what this exactly means. During the CTP phase the question about a supported upgrade path was discussed, but as far as I remember (I haven’t checked for a new status in a while) the intention/hope was that it would be the same as was the case for MOSS: that content database migration would be supported from Beta 2 and forward. Now, I have my doubts but I am sure we will get more enlightened in the coming days.


According to Jie Li’s comments upgrading from this beta to RTM is indeed not supported, not even a content database migration. Bad news, indeed!

From the comments:
If you are exporting/importing content that means you are “migrating”. It would be fine. However attach a beta content database to RTM will not work.

There’s no public RC plan that I’m aware of.

In past experience with 2007 beta – rtm upgrade, a lot of issues were caused by the beta content. there’s garbage remaining even after SP2. It is still a good time to trial your code and deployment, just don’t use beta in production envoriment.

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