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TechEd 2009 Day 2 – Part II

Posted by Christian Dam on November 11, 2009

Well, the product demos wasn’t any good as the demo environment didn’t behave very well, so some of the demos didn’t really get the proper points across.

However, my final two sessions of the day really delivered big time! The first session was about Capacity and Performance planning in SharePoint 2010. It was hosted by some of the old-time favorites Todd Klint and Shane Young, and although the session title was slightly misleading it was very good none the less. The title was misleading since Microsoft hasn’t released any performance guidance for SharePoint 2010 yet and Todd and Shane couldn’t really bring any new numbers to the table. So for know, the old guidance numbers should still be used with respect to the database sizes (don’t exceed the 100GB recommendation etc) and the new numbers for supported items in a list doesn’t change that.

What is changing, though, is the numbers of servers and the memory requirements. No new numbers yet, but when I talked to Shane after the session he mentioned a customer with 200-300 customers that is implementing WFE’s with 16GB of memory and 24GB memory for the SQL backup. This is overkill in most scenarios, obviously, what I took away from the session was that definitely more servers are needed to support all the new functionality and those servers should be a lot beefier than before!

My last session was about Claims Based Authentication hosted by David Chappel. Even though the session was a repeat of a session David did at TechEd 2008 it still was very inspiring. It was all about identity management, federation services, CardSpace and Windows Identity Foundation and how these technologies can be implemented to allow for true federation between organisations and applications. Since it was an “old” session, SharePoint 2010 was obviously not mentioned but I reckon this is how the Secure Store service Web Apps are implemented in SharePoint 2010 – can’t wait to try that stuff out 🙂

Two killer sessions but the highlight of the day was still the GIGANTIC schnitzel we enjoyed at dinner! Schnitzel is king!


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