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TechEd 2009 Day 2 – Part I

Posted by Christian Dam on November 10, 2009

Well, today seems to be almost about security for me. I have decided to see five sessions and the four of those are about security.

The first session was an introduction to what Microsoft refers to as Business Ready Security. Business Ready Securiy as all about shifting the perception of security from being blocking, expensive, and limiting to being enabling and value-adding. The point being that if users can securely access the network from anywhere, she will become more effective and productive. Using the right mindset and – obviously products – the infrastructure will become simpler to deploy, easier to manage, and cheaper to use. As an example the ForeFront security suite is part of the Enterprise CAL which roughly cost $225/user and building the same funktionality with third party products will according to the marketing slide cost up to $775, and the Enterprise CAL even includes SharePoint and Exchange!

My second session was about the new Unified Access Gateway – the UAG. There are two egde firewall about to be released (bort are currently in RC0): Forefront Threat Managemet Gateway is the next version of ISA Server 2006 and Unified Access Gateway is the next version of Intelligent Application Gateway 2007 (IAG).

Besides general product improvement, Microsoft is really puching DirectAccess which is a core feature of Windows Server 2008 R2 and supported by TMG and UAG. From the demoes is looks really cool as it enables users to get access to everything from anywhere. It is slightly comploicated to set up since it seems to being relying heavily on IPv6 and certificates, IPv6 internet access is not available in many places, IPv6 to IPv4 translations must be enabled as well.

The third session is about to start. It is a 30 minutes product demo about end-to-end security using the Forefront suite. Should be good fun!


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