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TechEd 2009 Day 1 – Part II

Posted by Christian Dam on November 9, 2009

Joel and Todd saved the day!

As expected, Joel Olesons session was almost as good as hoped and it definitely saved the day. Joel invited his good friend, Todd Klint, to join him and the co-presented the session. Todd is co-author of the best SharePoint book published in 2009, Inside SharePoint 2007 Administration and is a die-hard SharePoint administrator.

 Together they make a great team and it is obvious that they enjoy talking about this stuff. The session itself was in the Database Track and as purpose to bring SQL DBA’s and SharePoint administrators closer together by bringing some of the pitfalls and challenges out in the light.

I will not go into details about the session itself as I expect Joel will publish the slides at some point. However, as I have recently blogged about, it is commonly perceived as best practices to limit the content databases to 100GB. When talking about how this limit was established, Joel kind of hinted that is was because the backup tapes used by Microsoft IT in those days could only contain 100GB of data and that MSIT had found that restoring backups spanding multiple tapes had proved difficult and often failed 😀

The key note was unfortunately a huge disappointment and we left after 30 minutes as did MANY others as well. It seemed unnecessary to invite three customers on stage to do an interview session of their challenges. It made no sense to me! I was expecting insights and thoughts about the strategy, product announcements and stuff like that. Maybe all that was covered later in the key note and I missed it. I guess I’ll never know.

I am hoping for more quality in tomorrows sessions and with the sessions lined up, I am feeling confident that quality will be delivered!


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