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TechEd 2009 Day 1 – Part I

Posted by Christian Dam on November 9, 2009

For the first time in years, if not for the first time ever, the TechEd event is being held as one event where IT Pro’s and Developers are participating in the same conference. I am not totally convinced it a good idea as it seems to have a bad influence on the event selection. Very few level 400 events and only a handful or so level 300 events.

On top of that the event is starting Monday at 9AM and not Monday at 2PM which had the unfortunate effect that 5000+ people trying to check in between 8.30 and 9AM. I was naturally on of those 5000+ people so I missed the first 30 minutes of the first session. Luckily it was just a simple SharePoint 2010 overview session which was marketing/demos and it didn’t really reveal anything of interesting besides the presenter ran on a newer version of SharePoint 2010 that looked more stable and more finished than the version I have access to.

Still feeling grumpy from the 40 minutes queuing I decided to skip the following SharePoint 2010 session for IT Pros assuming it would also be marketing/demos and I went for a session called “Useful hacker techniques: Which part of hacker’s knowledge will help you as an IT administrator”. That was an unfortunately selected title to say the least. Although the presenter, a polish girl, had one or two good points, the rest was a complete waste of time. The most embarrassing moment was when she showed that the evil guys could replace a service executable on a server if they 1) had access to the box, and 2) had full permissions on the folder where the executable is located … Geez …

Anyway, the next session is by Joel Oleson, and I know he won’t disappoint 🙂

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