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Updating from MOSS SP1 to the Infrastructure Update

Posted by Christian Dam on January 10, 2009

I know, I know – the infrastructure update has been out for a long time, and there are probably a ton of posts out there explaining how to perform the upgrade – but one more will probably not hurt anyone 🙂

I was hoping to use the weekend getting some hands on experience implementing Kerberos for MOSS when I realized that my test farm didn’t have the infrastructure update installed yet and since it contains major improvements when dealing with kerberos, i quickly upgraded the farm:

I followed the same recepi as I did when upgrading to SP1:

  1. Download the infrastructure updates for both WSS and MOSS
  2. Install the WSS infrastructure update on all the servers in the farm. Do not run the Wizard at the end
  3. Install the MOSS infrastructure update on all servers in the farm. Again, do not run the Wizard at the end
  4. Run the Wizard on the server hosting the Central Administration Web Site
  5. Run the Wizard on the remaining servers in the farm one at a time
  6. Once all the servers are upgraded, verify in Central Administration that the version number is bumbed to

On of the know issues is that the Alternate Access Mappings in certain scenarious are deleted, so be careful to check that as well


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