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SharePoint Databases – when are they created?

Posted by Christian Dam on October 5, 2008

A SharePoint installation contains a lot of different databases, but what are they used for and when are they created?

MOSS software installation phase:

  • No databases are created

Using the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard to create a farm:

  • SharePoint_AdminContent_<some GUID>
  • SharePoint_Config

Assigning services to servers:

  • WSS_Search_MOSS (created by Windows SharePoint Services Search)

Creating the Shared Service Provider

  • WSS_Content_SSPADMIN (created by the SSP Admin Web Application)
  • WSS_Content_MySite (created by the MySite Web Application)
  • SharedServices1_DB (created by the New Shared Services Provider process)
  • SharedServices1_Search_DB (created by the New Shared Services Provider process)

Creating a Web Application:

  • WSS_Content_TestWebApp

That’s it. Seven databases for the standard farm and at least one database per web application.

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