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Quick Tip: No network connection after upgrading Hyper-V from Beta to RC0

Posted by Christian Dam on April 24, 2008

I upgraded my main VPC host from Hyper-V Beta to Hyper-V RC0 today. My VPC already had the Integration Services installed and I the Hyper-V RC0 update from Windows Update (949219) on the VPCs before upgrading the host.

Well, something must have gone wrong as my VPCs lost the NICs and thus all network connection. When I tried to Reinstall the Integration Services, I got the following error message:

“The Microsoft Hyper-V Integration Components are already installed. Please use Windows Update to upgrade the installation”

Good advise but pretty difficult to do when the NIC is gone …

The solution was pretty straight forward, however: delete the NIC in Device Manager and Scan for Hardware changes:

  1. Start Server Manager
  2. Navigate go Server Manager -> Diagnostics -> Device Manager
  3. Right-click the NIC and select Uninstall
  4. Chose to remove the device drivers if you have the option
  5. Right-click your Server Name and select Scan for hardware changes
  6. The NIC should now be recognized and have its drivers installed automatically


One of my VPCs didn’t have the 949219-update installed and the remove-the-NIC-and-scan-for-hardware-changes trick didn’t work.

The solution to this problem was as follows:

  1. Create a new virtual HD
  2. Mount the VHD in a VPC with access – if you have one
  3. Download the update files and copy them to the VHD :
  4. Unmount the VHD
  5. Mount the VHD in the VPC with the missing update
  6. Install the update and reboot

Oh, and BTW – this problem is only related to VPCs running Windows Server 2008 as a Guest OS as far as I can tell.

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