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SharePoint Extranet Solutions with ISA Server 2006 – Part 3: Configuring Alternate Access Mappings

Posted by Christian Dam on March 30, 2008

In part 2 of this series, we created and exended the Extranet Web Application. In this part we will configure the Alternate Access Mapping to be able to access the Web Application from multiple locations using the same URL.

  1. Go to the Operations section of Central Administration
  2. In the Global configuration section click Alternate access mappings
  3. Click Add Internal URLs
  4. Select the Extranet Web Application and the host header for the extended web application, in this case http://dmz.extranet.sharepointnotes.local
  5. Assign the Internal URL to the Extranet zone and click Save

The Alternate Access Mappings should now be the following for the extranet.sharepointnotes.local Web Application:


Internal URL

Zone Public URL for zone
http://extranet.sharepointnotes.local Default http://extranet.sharepointnotes.local
https://extranet.sharepointnotes.local Extranet https://extranet.sharepointnotes.local
https://dmz.extranet.sharepointnotes.local Extranet https://extranet.sharepointnotes.local


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