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SharePoint Extranet Solutions with ISA Server 2006 – Part 1: Teaser

Posted by Christian Dam on February 27, 2008

Over the next few weeks, I plan to publish a series of posts describing how to publish a SharePoint Extranet solution using ISA Server 2006. The Objectives are:

Access and URLs:
  • Internal users authenticate the corporate AD
  • External users authenticate using an AD in the DMZ
  • The ISA Server is member of the corporate LAN


The ingredients include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • ISA Server 2006
  • Active Directory
  • DNS
  • Stand-alone Root CA
  • Multiple ISA SharePoint Publishing rules
  • At least one web application extended to use multiple zones
  • Alternate Access Mappings

The inspiration for the series are the following articles:

Tag along – it should be good fun 🙂

Update: Initially, I wanted to do this series using ADAM, and although ADAM works with MOSS – it doesn’t seem to be supported combined with ISA Server 2006. So we are using a stand-alone Active Directory instead.

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