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ISA Server 2006 Enterprise – Quick Installation Guide

Posted by Christian Dam on February 24, 2008

Quick guide to install ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition:


  • Make sure your ISA Server has at least two NICs and that IP addresses, default gateway, DNS, WINS etc are configured correctly. Name one interface Internal and the other External
  • Create a user account in Active Directory and grant it local administrative permissions on the ISA Server
  1. Login as a domain user with local administrative rights
  2. Start the installation
  3. Select Install ISA Server 2006
  4. On the Welcome Page click Next
  5. Accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next
  6. Enter User Name, Organization, and Product Serial Number and click Next
  7. On the Setup Scenario page select Install both ISA Server and Configuration Storage server and click Next
  8. On the Component Selection page keep the default selections and click Next
  9. Select Create a new ISA Server enterprise on the Enterprise Installation options page and click Next
  10. Click Next when faced with the New Enterprise Warning 
  11. On the Internal Network page click Add
  12. Click Add Adapter or Add Range to add the IP addresses that are included in the internal network 
  13. Click OK and Next 
  14. On the Firewall Client Connections page click Next
  15. Click Next in the Services Warning page 
  16. Finally, click Install. Since we are installing ADAM you might get asked for CD2 of Windows Server 2003 R2
  17. Select Invoke ISA Server Management when the wizard closed and click Next

That’s it.  We are now ready to publish SharePoint sites – more on that later!

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    I enjoyed the quick installation guide. I followed it and I was able to successfully installed it on my domain.
    Thanks a lot


    Very explanatory

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