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Quick Tip: The Hyper-V service is not available

Posted by Christian Dam on February 21, 2008

I have been using Hyper-V on my virtualization host since Windows Server 2008 RTM was releases and I am so happy about it, that I wanted to install Windows Server 2008 on my laptop as well. I have a Dell Latitude D830 that should be meet the requirements.

However, after installing Hyper-V it failed to start and all it told me was: “The Hyper-V service is not available

I found a great article that describes what could be wrong! I followed the steps and sure enough, Hyper-V became available. I just wonder why I didn’t see this when installing the server. Anyway, once Hyper-V was installed correctly, I could change all the locale settings back to being localized and Hyper-V was still OK.

2 Responses to “Quick Tip: The Hyper-V service is not available”

  1. Clement Rosario said

    Thanks Christian, I was keep on digging for this problem more than a month. This article helped me a lot.

  2. Jayton said

    This was a great help, we’re just playing around with Hyper-V.

    Incase that article ever gets lost you’ve got to change all your Regional Settings to English (US), and I mean ALL, it can’t be English (US) international either!

    Just make sure you have map of a standard US keyboard so you know where keys are if your password contains odd characters.

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