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Adding an extra index server

Posted by Christian Dam on February 17, 2008

OK, so Microsoft tell us SharePoint is higly scalable and although that is true, the indexing role is not scalable and cannot per se be made high available. When using multiple query servers you can obtain some high-availability since the popagated index is still available and is thus searchable. You loose the ability to index new content, though.

I want to be able to spread the load by using one index server index the MOSS farm, another to index file shares, yet another to idex Lotus Notes and so on.

Here’s how that can be done:

  1. First, add the extra server as described here (Windows Server 2003 R2) or here (Windows Server 2008 )
  2. From Central Administration -> Operations -> Services on Server select the new index server and Custom
  3. Stop Windows SharePoint Services Incoming E-Mail and  Windows SharePoint Services Web Application
  4. Start Office SharePoint Server Search. Select Use this server for indexing content, enter username and password and start the service
  5. Start Windows SharePoint Services Search.  Enter the appropriate information and start the service.  

Create a new SSP to use for search

  1. From Shared Services Administration choose New SSP
  2. Name the SSP and click Create a new Web application
  3. Create the Web App with your preferred settings (port number, user name/password, database name etc) and click OK
  4. Back in New Shared Services Provider create a new Web App for MySites or use the newly created Web App if you wnat. I choose to use the newly created Web App, although it may not be best practices.
  5. Put in your credentials and database names
  6. Remeber to specify the newly added index server as the Index Server for the SSP. Now reate the SSP by clicking OK. You may see a warning if you didn’t create a seperate MySite Web App for this SSP
  7. That’s basically it. You can now use the new SSP’s Administration Page to configure Search or any other SSP-related functionality.

2 Responses to “Adding an extra index server”

  1. Haider said

    great post .
    I have a question say that I have created the new SPP and configured the content source and so on, how can the query server (Search engine) search into the two indexs?
    To explain more, assume I have server1, server2 and server 3. S1 has the query server running on it, s2 and s3 both has its own SSP.
    Thanks in advance

    • Haider,

      the index files from the new SSP are available, either locally on the index server or – more likely – through propagation to the servers hosting the query roles. To make an index available to the web applications, you must associate the web application with the SSP. Unfortunately, a web application can only be associated with one SSP and it is thus not possible to a web application search in content sources that are being indexed by seperate SSPs. I think it might be possible with custom code, though. Also, be aware that changing the SSP association for a web application often changes other things as well, such as the MySite host.

      In your example where you have three SSPs your users might have as many as three different MySites.


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