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Quick Tip: move index file location

Posted by Christian Dam on February 12, 2008

Want to move your indexes without having to re-crawl content? It can be done with stsadm.exe:

On the query server:

stsadm -o osearch -propagationlocation <path> 

On the index server:

stsadm -o osearch -indexlocation <path>

3 Responses to “Quick Tip: move index file location”

  1. Dustin said

    I am trying to move the index file from the command prompt, but receive “The path for the index location is not valid”.

    I am wanting to put the search index on another server. I have tried the UNC path \\ServerName\MOSS_Search_Index (EVERYONE has full control)

    and I have tried mapping a drive o:\ as the path (Same Path above).

    Neither work?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Dustin,

      did you ever find a solution to this problem? I would expect that storing the index files on another server may not be supported. Even if it were I would recommend not to do it since it would make the propagation process take longer. I would expect the index files were copied across the network twice: Index Server -> Query Server -> The server hosting the network share.


  2. Scott said

    Did this process a few weeks ago to a system getting ready to be moved in to production. Yesterday the content manager calls me and says that searches aren’t working. Investigation showed that searches would work for my domain admin account but not for my regular account. Long story short… check your file level permissions on the new index location and make sure they are the same as the old index location.

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