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Using System Center Operations Manager 2007 to monitor your MOSS farm – part 2: adding servers to manage

Posted by Christian Dam on January 15, 2008

In part 1 we installed Operations Manager 2007. In part 2 we will add servers to our managed environment.

Here’s how we add the servers:

  1. Start the Operations Manager 2007 Console (Start -> All Programs -> System Center Operations Manager 2007 -> Operations Console)
  2. Select Reguired: Configure computers and devices to manage
  3. Click Next
  4. Select Advanced Discovery. We am only interested in servers at this point, so select Servers Only in the Computer & Device Type drop-down bow. Make sure you select the rigt management server, should you have more than one in your environment. Click Next
  5. The discovery can either scan your Active Directory for omputers matching specific criteria or be manually added. In this case, select Scan Active Directory and configure it to scan for all servers by searching for computer names = * and click Next
  6. Specify the Administrator Account. In this case we just use selected Management Server Action Account. Click Discover
  7. The Discovery now begins ….
  8. A list of discovered servers is now presented. Select the servers you want to manage and click Next. Make sure the Management Mode is Agent
  9. Specify the Agent Action Account and click Finish. We are using Local System but any account can potentially we used. It should have administrative rights on the managed servers, though.
  10. The egents are now being intalled on the selected servers.

That’s it. We are not yet ready to monitor MOSS since we have yet to install the management packs. We’ll do that in part 3.

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