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Updating MOSS 2007 to SP1 in a farm environment

Posted by Christian Dam on January 14, 2008

I have been postponing it for a while, but now it’s time! My farm is due for a SP1 upgrade!

The farm consists of the following servers (since it is a true farm, all servers are named appropriately):

  • COW: Web Front-End (x86)
  • DONKEY: Application Server hosting the Central Administration and is used for indexing the MOSS farm (x86)
  • INDEX64 (I ran out out of animal names ;-): index server in a seperate SSP used for indexing a external content source (x64 – yeah, I know it may not be fully supported to mix architecture on the same tier but I needed to test out if the mixed index servers would break anything – it didn’t :-))
  • HORSE: SQL Server

I modified this blog from Shane Young a bit to suite my need – I hope you don’t mind, Shane 😉

Here’s how the upgrade was done:

Step 1: Backup SharePoint! Seriously handy little paper here if you need help.

Step 2: Download the software you need. For my servers I downloaded the 32 bit editions for COW and DONKEY and the 64 bit edition for INDEX32. You must install BOTH the WSS and MOSS update if you have MOSS installed.

  1. WSS SP1 downloads
  2. MOSS SP1 downloads  

Step 3: Stop the World Wide Web Publishing Services to keep your users off the server.

  1. Start > Administrative Tools > Services
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list, click World Wide Web Publishing Service
  3. Click the Stop button

Step 4: Install Windows SharePoint Services SP1 on all MOSS servers

  1. Start with DONKEY (the application server hosting Central Administration) and install the Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack
    1. Find the downloaded file. For me this was wssv3sp1-kb936988-x86-fullfile-en-us.exe
    2. Double click to run the file
    3. Read the license terms, click accept
    4. Click continue
    5. Now it starts processing the update.
    6. At the installation complete message click OK
    7. If the configuration wizard opens close it.
  2. Repeat the above steps on COW and INDEX64 (I used the x64 version for this one)

Great, all servers are now on WSS SP1. Proceed with … 

Step 5: Install the MOSS SP1 update on all servers:

  1. Again starting with DONKEY, install the MOSS SP1 update
    1. Find the downloaded file. For me this was officeserver2007sp1-kb936984-x86-fullfile-en-us.exe
    2. Double click to run the file
    3. Read the license terms, click accept
    4. Click continue
    5. Now the update processes…
  2. Run SharePoint Configuration Wizard on DONKEY
    1. Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office Server > SharePoint Product and Technologies Configuration Wizard
    2. Click Next at the Welcome screen
    3. Click Yes at the warning about restarting services
    4. Click Next at the Completing the SharePoint Product and Technologies Configuration Wizard
    5. Your server is now processing step 1
    6. You will be prompted to now install the updates on other servers in your farm.
  3. Repeat 1.1-1.5 and 2.1-2.6 above to install MOSS SP1 on COW (the only Web Front-End) and INDEX64
  4. OK, at this point we should be at a point where all servers are waiting for an OK in the SharePoint Product and Technologies Configuration Wizard
  5. Which one should we continue with first? Well, the Planning and deploying SP1 for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server guide states it should be on the site hosting the Central Administration, so we head back to the DONKEY and press OK
    1. Now your server is processing steps 2 through 9.
    2. At Configuration Successful click Finish
  6. Now complete the Wizard on the remaining two servers, COW and INDEX64, one server at a time
  7. Check out Central Admin
    1. Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service you stopped in step 2. If you had to reboot this is not necessary.
    2. Click Operations tab
    3. Under Topologies and Services click Servers in farm
    4. Next to your server you should see Version not If you do you should be good to go.

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